City Code Enforcement

The City of Andover code enforcement program was created to help enforce the laws and ordinances of the City regarding zoning and property maintenance issues. Well-maintained properties help to protect property values of homes and businesses in our community. Also, poorly maintained properties decrease pride in community and can lead to increased vandalism and crime. 

Andover code enforcement refers to the enforcement of the City Code, or rules, which are specific to Andover and our neighborhood expectations. The goal of code enforcement is to improve the quality of life for Andover residents through education and enforcement of property maintenance standards. This program is different that the Building Code, Fire Code, Electrical Code, or any other code. Please note that the code enforcement program does not enforce private property lines or civil disputes between neighbors. 


Complaint Based Enforcement

Code compliance is enforced on a complaint basis. Generally, the City receives a call from a neighbor about a property on their street saying there is a violation. The City will then review the property and verify whether or not a violation actually exists. In all cases with code enforcement, the City wants to work with the property owner to achieve compliance with regulations. Feel free to talk to the inspector about the issue and how long it may take to bring the property into compliance. 

How to Report Violations

The City of Andover encourages residents to respectfully communicate with their neighbors about potential violations prior to filing a complaint; doing so will help increase the strength and community of our neighborhoods. The City of Andover also encourages residents to look over their own properties for any potential violations prior to contacting the City. To submit a potential code violation call 763-767-5142 or fill out an online report by clicking here. When reporting a potential violation you must provide the address of the property in question.