Please note, this is a large file and may take a while to download.

  • Zoning Map (PDF) - This is a graphical depiction of the zoning districts present. For a full screen interactive zoning map, please click here to search for a specific property's zoning designation. Please see City Code for specific questions regarding designations and uses. Zoning designations are subject to change.
  • Land Use Map (PDF)
  • Sewer Staging and Rural Reserve Map (PDF) - The Land Use Map and the Sewer Staging & Rural Reserve Map both resulted from the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.
  • School District Boundary Map (PDF)
  • Snowmobile and ATV Zones (PDF) - The Snowmobiles & ATV Zones Map shows where the use of snowmobiles and ATV's are regulated in the City. Please be aware that snowmobiling is NOT allowed on public or private property without written permission per City Code Title 6, Chapter 4 (PDF).
  • Hunting and Discharge of Weapons Map (PDF) - This map shows where hunting and discharging weapons is permitted, restricted, and prohibited. Please be aware that a permit is required by the City of Andover for the discharge of firearms (shotgun only) for the purpose of hunting deer in Restricted Zone South. Refer to the Hunting Map for zone boundaries. If you are interested in hunting, please be sure to review the Hunting Permit and the City Code Title 5, Chapter 4 (PDF) which regulates hunting and weapons. Trespassing should be reported to the Anoka County Sheriff's Department at 763-323-5000.