Community Garden Plots

                             Welcome To The Andover Community Gardens

This Community Garden is a joint venture between the City of Andover and Grace Lutheran Church.  Grace Lutheran Church has graciously provided land for this garden. The City Officials and the residents would like to give thanks to them to making this project become a reality. Those who are renting plots do need to remember a few things.

·      Watering - Keep watering to a maximum of one hour. Please turn off water when you leave and do not water overnight. Do not borrow neighbor’s hose without asking. We do encourage people to share hoses.

·      PESTICIDES Use of pesticides are allowed but it is the responsibility of the renter of the plot to follow all manufacturers’ directions when using the pesticides.

·      UNWANTED TREES AND WEEDS – Controlling of unwanted trees and weeds are the responsibility of the renter of the plot.

·      EMPTY BAGS/DEBRIS Your bags and debris must be taken home with you and disposed of there.

·      CHILDREN – Children are welcome as it is a great learning experience. However, we do ask that you keep an eye on them and keep them off the neighbor’s plots.

·      DOGS – If you bring your dog with you when working in the garden, you are required to pick up after him (City Code 5). Do not allow your dog(s) to enter the neighbor’s yards or leave the dog tied up so they bark the entire time.

  • PARKING – On-street parking on 151st Lane NW is permitted (do not park in grass or boulevard areas). Please do not park along Nightingale Street NW.

If you have questions regarding the garden plots, please contact the City of Andover at 763-755-5100.