Utilities Maintenance

Utilities Department Responsibilities

  • Operate / maintain systems that provide a dependable source of clean water for residents and businesses that meet or exceed federal and state guidelines.
  • Operate / maintain an efficient system for disposing wastewater and storm water by means of a well-maintained infrastructure.
  • Educate the public about water conservation, water awareness and regulatory mandates.
The Utilities Department will meet the needs of our community by providing a work environment that promotes high standards and quality service, exceeding customer expectations.

CAUTION - Crews are frequently working on or near roadways, please use caution when driving through work areas.

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Water Department


The Water Department operates and maintains the city's water system including the Water Treatment Plant, municipal wells, towers and water mains.

  • Provide continuous, adequate, potable, bacteria free water supply at proper pressure levels
  • Maintain customer water meters and respond to other service requests
  • Maintain water distribution for fire protection system needs
  • Conform to all state and federal monitoring rules, provide tours and information to the public
  • Enforce city's watering restriction policy to maintain proper water levels to ensure everyday in-home usage and fire protection for our customers

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Public Water Systems and COVID-19
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Before a Drought


Sanitary Sewer Department

The Sanitary Sewer Department maintains approximately 96.5 miles of sanitary sewer mains, over 2000 manholes, and 10 Sanitary Sewer Liftstations

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Storm Sewer Department

The Storm Sewer Department currently maintains 1 storm water pond lift station, all storm sewer mains, catch basins, storm inlets / outlets, sediment ponds, and drainage ditches and an occasional baby duck rescue.

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Storm Water Quality Info

Storm Sewer