Does the city have experience with similar projects?
This year the city acquired more than 20 acres of natural habitat area and reached agreement to protect an additional l0 acres along the same wildlife corridor near Hanson Boulevard and 161“ Avenue. The agreement includes a trail connection to the existing system along Hanson Boulevard. A restoration project in Kelsey Round Lake Park was also completed with funding from with the Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The city is currently working with the DNR, Coon Creek Watershed Management District, Tree Trust and Anoka County Parks to restore native plants in wetlands along Coon Creek. With dedicated funding a city wide effort to preserve natural areas can be implemented.

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1. What will the city accomplish with this dedicated funding?
2. How will the city do this?
3. Where would the lands be located?
4. What can be accomplished with $2,000,000?
5. How long will these properties be protected?
6. How much will property taxes increase to fund this program and for how long?
7. How will the city ensure the program is effective?
8. Does the city have experience with similar projects?
9. What will the effect be on my property?
10. Are there natural areas remaining in Andover that need to be protected?
11. Will all property owners be required to pay this tax?
12. Why would a landowner want to participate in this program?