How can I get a stop sign installed?
Petitions are required for stop sign requests. Stop sign requests are referred to the Engineering Department for a traffic engineering study. A report is then sent to the City Council, who makes the final decision.

Studies show that drivers can easily distinguish stop signs that are not necessary to provide traffic control at intersections. If a stop sign is placed as a speed control device, drivers tend to be less observant when approaching it and often reduce their speed, but don't stop. In these instances, stop signs may create more of a traffic hazard than they prevent since pedestrians and other drivers expect all cars to stop.

It has also been shown through studies that motorists tend to increase their speeds after stopping at a "speed control" stop sign to make up for lost time or will increase speeds through other less direct residential areas to avoid improper stop signs. Essentially, stop signs placed inappropriately can create more safety problems than they solve.

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