Andover Resident Special FREE Activity Admission Passes

  1. 2023  Andover Resident Special
  2. 2024 andover resident special


You must be a current resident in the City of Andover to receive this Andover Resident Special package.  Limit one per household.

2023 Andover Resident Special includes 15 free individual activity admissions passes for you and your household family members ($105.00 value). The Andover City Council approved 15 free passes available to each Andover household in 2023. The 15 passes issued in 2023 will expire 12/31/23. You must be a current resident in the City of Andover to receive this special. Limit one special per household. If you had registered for the 2022 passes, do not create a new account, ACC staff has automatically added the 2023 passes to your account. 

The Andover resident walking track pass will also automatically be added to your account, this will allow you, as an Andover resident, to utilize the walking track at no charge.

To receive your Andover Resident Special & Walking Track Pass:

1) Use a laptop or computer to create an account with the Andover Community Center. If you already have an account with the Andover Community Center, no need to create a new one. Don't forget to add or update all your family members to your account so they can use the passes too.

2) After you have created or verified your existing account, email the Andover Community Center Staff to let them know that you have created or verified your account. Once notified, ACC Staff will load your 15 free activity passes and resident walking track pass onto a card for you to come in and pick up. You must present a valid driver license or current utility bill when you pick up your free activity admission passes.

3) To redeem your free activity admission passes, ACC staff will scan your admissions pass card. Don’t worry if you forget your card at home, we can access your account by name or phone number. Admission passes can be used for the following ACC Activities: Basketball, Pickleball, Volleyball, Hockey and Public Skate.

4) To redeem your track pass, check-in at the information desk using the self-scan card reader. As a reminder, you only need to check in Monday - Friday from 6:30 am - 4:30 pm.

5) Use a laptop or computer to create an account with the Andover Community Center. As a reminder, if you already have an account, no need to create a new one. Once your account has been created or you've verified that you have an account and your information has been updated, email the Andover Community Center Staff at to let them know that your account is ready for your passes to be loaded.