Construction Update

EXPANSION CONSTRUCTION PROJECT UPDATE                                                   

Posted February 18, 2020 - The South road will be closed during daytime hours on Wednesday, February 19 and Monday, March 2 and the North Road will be closed February 24 - 28 to allow construction crews to bring in additional construction materials. Drive around the building as shown on the map to access other side of building.

Posted February 4, 2020 - The South road running between the Andover YMCA Community Center and Andover City Hall be temporarily closed during daytime hours on February 5th.  The North road running between the facility and the Purple Park will be temporarily closed during daytime hours on February 6th. Drive around the building using the North or South road that is not closed to gain access to the other side of building if needed.

Posted January 16, 2020 - The South road running between the Andover YMCA Community Center and Andover City Hall will be temporarily closed during daytime hours, January 20 - 24. Contractors will be installing the pre-cast walls for the YMCA expansion.

The East parking lot will remain open for parking. To access the lot, drive around the building using the West and North service roads.

Posted January 5, 2020 - The West Yellow parking lot will be closed during the daytime hours on January 7, 8 and 9 to allow the steel to be delivered for the roof of the sports complex. Please use East Red lot or West Blue lots to park during these closures. We hope to have the yellow lot open again by 230 pm each day, however if barricades are still in place, please use alternate parking areas.

YMCA Expansion Announcement - November 2019

"Along with the City of Andover’s expansion plan, the YMCA is also planning to add program space to better serve you and the community. The YMCA will be adding a new gym, a new Kid’s Stuff space, and more space to the upper level fitness floor. The area currently used by our Kid’s Stuff program will be remodeled into a multi-purpose youth room for child care, arts and humanities, and birthday party programs. The addition on the second floor will allow the fitness equipment to be better grouped to improve your workout routine and the free weight area will be moved to allow a new state-of-the-art studio to be built. The lobby will be remodeled to offer more gathering space for you to relax and visit with others. As a part of the City of Andover improvements, the current community rooms A and B will be used for senior programs and new dedicated teen space will be added to better serve youth in our community."


Each parking lot has a designated entrance.

Temporary Daytime Road Closures Planned

South Road - 2/19 & 3/2 and North Road - 2/24 - 28

Drive around the building to access parking lot on the other side.

021820 parking lot closures TEMPORARY NORTH SOUTH ROAD CLOSURES


111919 parking lot closures      PDF Map

Andover Community Center Expansion areas will include multipurpose rooms for teens and seniors, and an additional gymnasium for the field house along with expanded sports complex with an additional sheet of ice that is convertible to turf with team and equipment rooms along with a new walking track, community rooms and fitness space. Estimated project completion is August 1, 2020.