Recycling 101

In recent years, recycling has really expanded in most areas. With this expansion of recycling opportunities, there is also a downside: what is commonly called wish-cycling. This means that you aren't sure if something is recyclable, and put it in the recycling bin anyway. Examples are plastic toys, pools, plastic furniture. Not only are these NOT recyclable, they actually contaminate the recycling bins. There are a few ways to reduce contamination:

  • NO PLASTIC BAGS. These can jam up and damage the recycling equipment. They are ONLY recyclable if you bring them to plastic bag drop off locations. If you bag up your recycling in plastic bags and put it in your recycling container, they will be thrown away. 
  • CLEAN, DRY, EMPTY. Keep this in mind when putting your cans/bottles etc. in the recycling. 
  • PLACE ITEMS DIRECTLY IN YOUR CART. Please do not put your items in a bag. Just throw them in loose. 
  • WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT.  Every recycling company emphasizes this one. 

By keeping our recycling free of contaminants, we make it easier to sort and send to market, which keeps all of our costs down. 

If you have any questions on what can/cannot be recycled, please contact the Anoka County Recycling and Resource Solutions at 763-324-3400. They are an amazing resource and really enjoy educating people on recycling.