Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation and Refund FAQ's

Q: What is the Andover Community Center's Cancellation Policy?

A: The Andover Community Center reserves the right to cancel activities, programs and lessons when an insufficient number of people register to participate. All fees will be returned if the activity, program or lesson is cancelled by the Andover Community Center due to insufficient enrollment.

Q: What is the Andover Community Center's Program and Lesson Refund Policy?
A: Persons are not considered registered for activities until their fee has been paid. Registration fee refunds will be issued if we receive notification of withdrawal from an activity, program or lesson at least one week (7 days) prior to start of program. A $5.00 processing fee per person registered will apply to all refunds.
If the refund request is received less than 7 days prior to start of program/activity, a 50% refund will be given per person registered as requested. In the event of a medical emergency a copy of a physician’s verification will need to be provided. A partial refund will be given based on number of sessions attended in additional to the $5.00 processing fee. All requests must be submitted via E-mail to 

Missed activites, programs and lessons will not be refunded or made up

If an activity, program or lessons is cancelled due to 
destruction of or damage to the facility, or because of a natural condition, civil commotion or emergency, and the Andover Community Center is unable to reschedule or host remaining sessions, a refund of the remaining registration monies will be refunded.

These cancellation and refund policies only pertain to the Andover Community Center Activites, Programs and Lessons.

Financial Assistance
The Andover Community Center has a limited amount of resources set aside to grant reduced fees for youth to participate in recreational activites at the Andover Community Center. Applicants must be residents of the City of Andover or from a surrounding community. If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please submit an application.

Ice Skating Lesson Registration FAQ's

Q: What ice skating class should I register for?  Please note, the skate level guide was revised, May 2018.
A: View the Class and Level Guide, choose the level that best describes skills needed. 

Q: Is skate rental available?
A: Yes, skate rental is available at the ACC Pro Shop for $3/pr. Available skate sizes are Toddler size 8 - Adult size 13. Pro Shop services also include skate sharpening ($5/pr), laces, tape, mouth guards and wax. Bike helmets are also available for rent $2 or free with skate rental.

Q: What type of ice skates should students wear?
A: Students should wear single blade hockey or figure skates. No double blade or skates with hard outer shells (like those resembling rollerblades).   

Q: What should students wear?
A: Helmets are required for all Introduction to Ice and Basic Level 1 programs. Helmets are also strongly recommended for new skaters. Students should wear a jacket, gloves, and long pants (no jeans). Layers are always recommended as the rink is cold. Don't forget to bring your single blade hockey or figure skates (remember no plastic skates are allowed), skate rental is available. 

Q: I feel my child needs to be moved to another skate skill level. How do I know?
A: If there is a child in any of our classes that needs to be moved, the coach will let the skating director know and we will move the child to the appropriate class. All students are moved at the discretion of the coach and skating director.

Q: What if my child misses a lesson?
A: No credit or refunds are offered for missed lessons.  It's recommended that skaters practice skills they've learned in their classes during open skate sessions.

Q: I would like to have more information on private lessons.
A: Private lessons are scheduled through our skate director, Ashley. Contact her at 651-269-6373 or by email

Q: May I request a specific instructor for my child?
A: Unfortuantely, we can not accept specific instructor requests.

Additional questions, contact the Andover Community Center at 763-755-3238 or by