Hanson Boulevard Trail Reconstruction (C.P. 16-18)

Update 7/25/17: Construction is expected to begin the first full week in August.  This project should be completed before Labor Day.

Update 7/10/17: A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for July 18.  The contractor plans to begin construction the first week in August. This project will be completed prior to Labor Day.

During the summer of 2017, trail segments on the west and east side of Hanson Boulevard from 155th Lane south to the Oakview Middle School entrance will be reconstructed. These trail segments have cracked due to settlement of the the subgrade material.  The trails will be removed, geotextile fabric will be installed beneath the gravel, and a new trail will be paved.  Pedestrian ramp upgrades will also be completed with this project. Construction will take place over the summer when school is not in session.

For questions regarding this project contact Jason Law in the Andover Engineering Department at 763-767-5130.