Woodland Creek Wetland Restoration (C.P. 12-23)

Update 4/17/18: The boardwalk has been installed.  Minor site cleanup and seeding will be completed once the weather clears up. BWSR will be doing turf management for the next 5 years to make sure everything is established per plan.

Update 7/25/17: Site grading is underway, but progress has been slow due to the water levels.  The project should be completed by September.

Update 5/22/17: Wet weather has hampered the contractors ability to grade the site.  Once the high water has subsided the contractor will begin dewatering and grading of the site.

A wetland restoration project is planned for the site of the old Woodland Creek Golf Course, located between South Coon Creek Drive and 140th Avenue, west of Coon Creek.  This is a joint project between the City of Andover and the Board of Water and Soils Resources (BWSR). BWSR has completed the construction plan to restore the wetlands on the old Woodland Creek Golf Course that will be utilized for wetland replacement credits for large road projects throughout the state.  The project has been bid, and Matt Bullock Contracting will begin grading work in May 2017. 

The project consists of moving material into the existing ponds to shallow the basins and lowering the elevation of certain areas within the site making it more suitable for wetland restoration.  A grass trail system/walking path will be constructed throughout the site at an elevation higher than the wetland restoration elevation to allow for passive recreational use.

The City will administer the bid letting and contract for the project and BWSR will reimburse the City for all construction related costs.

When grading work is complete the site will be seeded and vegetated with the proper wetland seed mix by a contractor that has been working with BWSR on the pre-grading vegetation management site preparation.

For a schematic layout of the project click here.

Questions regarding this project can be directed to David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133.