Public works vehicle maintenance facility (C.P. 17-27)

Update 5/17/19: Utility construction is taking place on-site.  Mass grading is nearing completion.  The road closure of Nightingale Street has been removed.   

Update 5/1/19:  A road closure of Nightingale Street will take place from May 6-10 for utility construction and construction of a northbound right turn lane onto Veteran's Memorial Boulevard.  For a map showing the road closure location click here.  NIghtingale Street will be accessible to local traffic only during this closure, however, there will be no access between 151st Lane and Veteran's Memorial Boulevard.  

During the spring and summer of 2019, a new Public Works Vehicle Maintenance Facility will be constructed just east of Nightingale Street and south of Veteran's Memorial Boulevard. The long term City Hall Campus Master Plan will include constructing a new Public Works Facility adjacent to the Vehicle Maintenance Facility being constructed in 2019. 

For a schematic layout of the new Vehicle Maintenance Facility click here.

Questions regarding this project can be directed to David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133.