Legacy at Petersen Farms (C.P. 22-42)

Update 10/16/23: Site grading is underway and nearing completion within the right of way.  Storm sewer installation will begin this week.  The developer is hoping to get curb and gutter and pavement constructed yet this year.

Legacy at Petersen Farms is a 32-unit single family rural residential PUD development located north of 165th Avenue and east of 7th Avenue.  This phase will include construction of a new access point to Roanoke Street at 170th Avenue NW, including intersection improvements in this location.  Lots are a minimum of 1.5 acres in size.

For the final plat layout click here.

Questions regarding this project can be directed to Jason Law at 763-767-5130 or David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133.