2019 Trail & Parking Lot Maintenance (C.P. 19-07 & 19-10)

Each year the City completes a trail and parking lot maintenance project that includes fog sealing of the City's pavement infrastructure.  This includes application of a sealer that helps prevent the pavement from oxidizing, prolonging the life of the trails and parking lots.  In general, trails and parking lots are fog sealed every three to four years.  Fog sealing will be done over the summer months when school is out.  Trails and parking lots being fog sealed will be closed temporarily with ribbon and cones at intersections. Please keep of these areas until the material dries, which should only take a matter of a few hours, depending upon the weather.

Maps of trails and parking lots being fog sealed in 2019 is included in the following link (2019 Trail & Parking Lot Maintenance).