2017 Street Reconstruction (C.P. 17-02 & 17-11)

Update 7/25/17: The base course has been paved on the entire project.  A few remaining driveway aprons are being constructed this week on the south end of the project.  Backfilling of the curb on the south end with topsoil is underway.  Wearing course will be paved in the near future.  The City will monitor the restoration work and areas not taking that were seeded will be reseeded later this season.  The project should be completed within the next few weeks.

Update 7/10/17: All curb and gutter work has been completed.  The north half of the project base course has been paved.  The base course on the south half of the project will likely be paved next week.  Restoration work is on-going. The final wearing course should be paved out within the next month.  

Update 5/22/17: Storm sewer construction has been completed.  The contractor will be reclaiming the north half of the project this week.  Curb and gutter construction on the north half of the project will begin after Memorial Day. City staff will coordinate parking restrictions with residents a few days prior to curb construction as access to driveways will be impacted for 3 or 4 days while the concrete cures.

Update 4/19/17: A pre-construction meeting was held.  The contractor plans to begin construction May 8, 2017.  They will construct the project in a north and south phase. The north phase will include all areas generally north of and including 167th Lane.  They anticipate that construction will extend into late August.

Each year the roadway segments that are in the most need of repair throughout the City are reconstructed as a portion of the City of Andover’s street reconstruction program.  The Lund’s Evergreen Estates neighborhood and 168th Lane NW from Round Lake Boulevard to Verdin Street (see attached location map) has been identified in the City’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan for reconstruction during the summer of 2017.

The project will consist of milling the existing bituminous roadway, shaping the existing gravel, replacing deteriorated concrete curb and gutter on the west end of 168th Lane NW, constructing concrete curb and gutter in areas that currently have bituminous curb or no ditches, drainage improvements, and constructing a new bituminous surface.  168th Lane from Verdin Street to just west of Crocus Street will be widened to match the roadway width from that point west to Round Lake Boulevard.

The project will be funded from the City’s Road & Bridge Fund (reimbursed through Municipal State Aid Funds), with 25% of the total project costs for the improvements (based upon a standard width overlay) assessed to the benefiting properties as identified in the City’s Roadway Reconstruction Assessment Policy. 
North Valley, Inc. was the low bidder for the project and awarded the contract.  We anticipate that construction will begin in early to mid May, with the project being completed by the end of summer. A mailing will be sent out to impacted residents prior to the beginning of construction providing additional information.

For construction related questions please contact David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133 or Jason Law at 763-767-5130.