New Buildings: Permit Application Submittal Guides

  1. Residential Building Permits
  2. Commercial Building Permits

Apply for permits at City Hall weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For a new residence, please submit two (2) sets of plans.  Only resident homeowners and licensed residential contractors may apply for building permits.

  • Minnesota Energy Code Compliance Form (Use either :  Form 1  or Form 2)
  • On-Site Sewage Treatment Design  (If not connected to Sanitary Sewer)
  • Soils / Geotechnical Report (Not typically required.)
  • When required, land use permits, recording of land use documents, and an on-site development surety must be approved and in place prior to building permit issuance.

  • Required on-site development sureties may include bond, letter of credit or approved equal to insure the installation and maintenance of required landscaping.  Additional sureties may be required subject to a development agreement.


    Deferred submittals must be approved by the Building Official.  The Architect or Engineer of record must coordinate submittal documents and must list deferred submittals with plans submitted for building permit.