Elections for Mayor and Council members are held in even numbered years in the city. Candidates for these offices must be a qualified voter in the State of Minnesota and must be 21 years of age on the date he or she would take office. Upon filing an affidavit with the City Clerk and payment of the filing fee, the name of the candidate will be placed on the official ballot without partisan designation. The City of Andover is divided into 10 voting precincts. The polling places are:
  • Precinct 1: Hope Lutheran Church
    16180 Round Lake Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 2: Grace Lutheran Church
    13655 Round Lake Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 3: Riverdale Assembly of God Church
    3210 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 4: Crooked Lake Elementary School
    2939 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 5: Andover Christian Church
    16045 Nightingale St. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 6: Prairie Oak Community Church
    1657 161st Ave. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 7: Andover City Hall
    1685 Crosstown Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 8: Andover Senior Center
    1685 Crosstown Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 9: Bunker Hills Activity Center
    550 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
  • Precinct 10: Andover Elementary School
    14950 Hanson Blvd. NW
    Andover, MN 55304
Please note precincts #7 & #8 have changed polling locations for the Presidential Nomination Primary Election ONLY. 

  For more information about elections and voter registration, go to

Learning Where to Vote & What is Needed

If you are unsure which precinct you are in, check the Minnesota Polling Place Finder. Voter registration cards are available at City Hall or from the Elections Department at the Anoka County Government Center

The Office of the Secretary of State has developed a Caucus Finder that can direct voters to their caucus location, Caucus Finder.


Election day registration is permitted with proper identification. Learn what precinct you will vote in with the Andover precinct map (PDF).

Election Judge
If you would like to serve your community as a election judge, please contact City Hall 763-755-5100.

Absentee Voting

Voters who prefer to cast their absentee ballot in person may vote at the city hall of the city in which they reside during regular office hours.  In person absentee balloting will also be available at city halls on the Saturday prior to the election from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and until 5:00 p.m. the day before the election. 

The absentee balloting period for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Nomination Primary Election will take place January 17th through March 2nd.  

Voters who wish to vote absentee by mail can download the absentee ballot application any time at www.anokacounty.us/absenteevoting.  Voters also can call (763) 324-1300 to have an absentee ballot application sent to them.

Candidate Filing


Filings for the following offices will open Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. and will close at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

  • Mayor 1 (Two-year term)
  • Council members 2 (Four-year term)
Candidates must be eligible voters and reside in the City of Andover.  A $5.00 filing fee shall be paid at the time of filing.  Affidavits of candidacy are to be filed with the Deputy City Clerk at the Andover City Hall.