Natural Resources

The Rum River on the west edge, Coon Creek, the handful of lakes and the stands of oaks that are scattered amongst it are examples of resources that are worthy of respect in the City of Andover. There are several different natural resource and environmental quality issues in Andover that are necessary to address. Water quality, tree preservation, tree insect and disease threats and invasive vegetation are some examples.

As a growing community with more pressure being put on these resources, it is a challenge to effectively manage our natural resources. Thus, it is critical that appropriate measures are taken to ensure an environmentally sound community including clean lakes, rivers, streams or natural areas containing a diverse array of native grasses, wildflowers, trees, shrubs; and a healthy urban forest for the present and the future.

Northern Pin Oak at Northwoods Preserve


A healthy native prairie


Information Sources


Feel free to navigate the different topics on the left side to help you with your forestry/natural resources needs. If you have additional questions in regard to oak wilt, other insect or disease problems or just need some advice on a tree or natural resources issue, feel free to contact the City of Andover Natural Resources Technician by calling, emailing or stopping in to City Hall . Staff can provide information about various programs and offer literature on various tree and natural resource subjects. Staff can also conduct onsite visits to diagnose insect or disease problems and aid you with your decision-making. Feel free to utilize this city service.

Reporting Diseases

Also, please report Oak Wilt, Dutch elm disease, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) or other insect and disease problems if you see them in the city. We need to take every step possible to try and control them in order to save our valuable tree resource.

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