Code Violations & Enforcement Process

The city encourages residents to take a moment to look at their property and address any possible issues before a neighbor contacts staff for Code enforcement. This will strengthen our community image and help sustain property values. We prefer residents to work through any issues they have with one another before calling in zoning code violations. Greater communications between our neighbors will help us build a stronger community and promote the kind of friendly, small-town atmosphere we have come to value.

How to Report Violations

When reporting a zoning code violation, please leave your name, address, and telephone number as well as the address and specific nature of the code violation. This information is necessary so appropriate staff can be allocated. Staff may also contact you in the event there are any questions regarding the nature of the complaint. You may report a complaint via standard mail, online, over the phone, or in person at City Hall. Traffic and on-street parking concerns should be directed to the Anoka County Sheriff's Department by calling 911. 

Report A Violation Online


All information will remain confidential per MN State Statute 13.44, which states: "The identities of individuals who register complaints with state agencies or political subdivisions concerning violations of state law or local ordinances concerning the use of real property are classified as confidential data." (Section 13.02, Subdivision 3).

Inspection Process

City staff will then inspect the property. If a violation is present, it will be documented and a zoning violation letter will be mailed to the property owner. If corrective action is not taken within an appropriate amount of time, the City Attorney will mail a legal letter to the property owner. If a violation remains at this point, a court date will be scheduled and criminal prosecution will ensue. The purpose of these guidelines is to develop a standardized procedure to ensure proper communication between staff, the complainant, and the party in violation in resolving issues present in the community.

Mediation Services

Anoka county also provides free mediation services. They can be reached at 763-422-8878. 

Informational Handouts