Engineering / Construction Services

The City of Andover Engineering Department administers all public improvement construction projects (streets, storm sewer, water main, sanitary sewer, etc). Currently, new developments are either required to petition the City to construct the project under a public improvement project, or, in the case of a private development, the developers are given the option to construct the project.

Public Improvement Contracts

The Engineering Department provides many functions associated with public improvement projects. Tasks include providing topographical, construction and as-built surveying and preparing feasibility studies, reports, and staff support for council meetings and hearings. In many cases staff may further design and draft construction plans, write and administer specifications, hold neighborhood meetings, and coordinate construction and inspection services to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Engineering personnel involved in the design and inspection of public improvements have years of experience and have received many hours of classroom training to become certified in the appropriate areas.

Private Improvements & Development Contracts
Private development projects are typically administered through a development contract. The Engineering Department is responsible for ensuring that all privately installed public streets and utilities under a development contract are supervised and inspected by City staff or consulting personnel. This inspection ensures that all work in public right-of-way or easements is in accordance with City reviewed plans, specifications and guidelines. Additional work involved in private development contracts includes administration of financial guarantees, completion of additional improvements required of the developer, coordination of streetlight locations, and technical review of water quality requirements.