2019 Seal Coating (C.P. 19-04)

The City of Andover completes an annual maintenance program on local city streets. One of the maintenance procedures is seal coating, which protects the existing asphalt surface and extends the life of the pavement. Typically an area will be seal coated the year after it has been crack sealed.

Seal Coating Benefits

Seal coating protects the pavement surface from the deteriorating effects of the sun, water, and weather. When exposed to the elements, asphalt pavement hardens, or oxidizes. Oxidation causes the pavement to become brittle and crack, which reduces the useful life of the pavement. Seal coating slows down this oxidation process and, along with crack sealing, helps keep water from entering the pavement base material. Seal coating also provides low severity crack sealing and restores the surface friction of the roadway, improving the safety of the roadway.

Seal Coating Process

Seal coating includes spraying of an asphalt material on the roadway followed immediately by a layer of aggregate material (fine crushed rock). Within a few days of placement of the aggregate, street sweepers will remove the excess material from the roadways. This work is contracted out to an independent contractor, but is supervised by city staff to assure the work is done according to city specifications.
The a project location map of areas scheduled to be seal coated in 2018 sometime between mid July to late August click here (PDF).
Questions relating to this project can be directed to the Andover Engineering Department at 763-767-5100.