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Residents on the City Water System will have a meter installed on the ¾ “- 1” water service line. Typically the meter is installed in the basement near the hot water heater. A wire is attached to the meter and runs to a touch pad mounted on the outside of the house that allows the meter to be read without entering the residence. Care should be taken when remodeling and siding to protect the meter wire and the outside touch pad. The meter needs to have unobstructed access for maintenance and repairs.

Valves above and below the meter allow for maintenance to be performed if the water needs to be turned off. The city is responsible for the maintenance of the water meter, and the home owner is responsible from the valve outside the home to the meter and everything after. The city may need to be called to shut the water valve off in the yard if maintenance in the home is required. Call 763-755-5100 for further assistance.
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Brass Meter and Meter Horn

Brass Water Meter

Remote Reader wired to Meter

Touch pad

Plastic Meter and Meter Horn

Plastic Water Meter